The dates for the final oral exam will be as follows:  April 16th, 21st and 23rd.  I have several students from other PUC classes, with which I will be working with on the 23rd of April so space is very limited on that day.  Therefore, please try to choose either April 16th or 21st, if at all possible.   In order to secure your day for the oral exam, please tell Seņor K. in person prior to April 14th which day you would like to have.  All days are assigned on a first come, first served basis. 


For this exam you will have to read  one of the first three paragraphs on p. 358 of your textbook in Spanish.  You will be graded on how well you read/pronounce the words in Spanish.  There will be approx. 100 words you will have to read.  Each one is worth one point when pronounced correctly while reading.  Mispronounced words result in a loss of one point.  This is exam is worth 100 points.  You are not graded on how fast you can read in Spanish; HOWEVER, reading so slow that the words simply sound like syllables and not words will not be acceptable.


Unlike previous oral exams, there will not be any questions asked in Spanish for you to answer.  This exam will focus solely on your ability to read and pronounce Spanish.