The midterm oral evaluation for all Spanish 102 students will take place on the days outlined in the weekly course outline.


      You need only sign up for one of these dates and you may do so by notifying the instructor in person or sending him an e-mail message.


      You do not need to come to class on all three midterm oral evaluation days, only the one for which you signed up.


      Unless too many students sign up for the same date, the odds are that your choice will be honored.


      If your date has to be changed due to there being too many students signed up on your chosen date, the instructor will notify you.


      If you have to change your date for a personal reason, you must notify the instructor before your scheduled oral exam date.




The oral exams will work as follows:


1. Students will be asked to read all or a portion of a passage in Spanish. The passage for this midterm oral evaluation is

found on p. 152-153 of your course textbook, and is entitled: El Carnaval de Barranquilla..



2. Students will be asked 5 to 7 questions in Spanish.



3. Students will answer the questions asked in complete sentences and in Spanish. A complete sentence contains a subject or understood subject, a properly conjugated verb and is logical.



4. Students will be graded on the following: Pronunciation, Grammar, Accent, and Comprehension



5. Students will only read to the instructor and not in front of the whole class.



6. Students who do not attend and do not take the midterm oral evaluation, will lose any points possible.