The dates for the midterm oral exam will be as follows:  March 3rd, 5th and 17th.  I have several students from other PUC classes which I will be working with on the 5th of March so space is very limited on that day.  Therefore, please try to choose either March 3rd or 17th, if at all possible.   In order to secure your day for the oral exam, please tell Señor K. in person prior to Feb. 27th which day you would like to have.  All days are assigned on a first come, first served basis. 


For this exam you will have to read a portion of the passage entitled, ¡Estoy como agua para chocolate! on p. 285, in your textbook and understand it.  Additionally, during the exam you will have to answer Spanish questions in Spanish and in complete sentences.  All the questions will be factual and based on information easily found within the reading.  Grading for this exam will be as follows:


This is exam is worth 100 points and will be graded on the following elements:


33 points for correct and accurate pronunciation (-1/4 point per pronunciation error)


33 points for comprehension of the questions asked (-6 points per question asked which is not understood)


34 points for being able to answer the questions correctly in Spanish and in   

complete sentences. (-6 points per question not answered correctly and in a complete sentence.)


100 points total